"It's all fake. I saw it everyday, the scripts, the staged scenes." -- Former production assistant on "Duck Dynasty"


 Duck Dynasty is fake

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Duck Dynasty Fake -- Learn more about the Robertsons
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Update March 26th, 2014

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Duck Dynasty is Fake


Here you will find the EXCLUSIVE testimony of a former production assistant on A&E's Duck Dynasty who has told us their story for the very first time.

This person has revealed to us that the show is staged, scripted and faked on a level not previously known or reported.

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If you're not familiar with what happened today, here is a brief overview:

Phil Robertson spoke to GQ Magazine about his beliefs on homosexuality. Much of what he said was good-natured, though some could argue it was incendiary. (We do not take a position either way on his comments; the show is fake and staged and should be removed from the air for that alone, for operating under false pretenses).

The outrage has been palpable. Fans of the show have flooded comment sections, like this one at the Hollywood Reporter, with an overwhelming rally of support for Phil Robertson.

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Our source claims at least two cast members of Duck Dynasty could not read, and one of them was mentally handicapped

Duck Dynasty


By every measure, A&E's Duck Dynasty has exceed expectations. It is the highest rated "nonscripted" cable program of all time, and continues to break ratings records. The show's popularity is transcendant: its characters are household names, their quotes and sayings are part of the American lexicon, and everyone now knows what a "duck commander" is.

Despite the popularity, the show has come under recent fire over allegations some of the production is "staged" or at least partly scripted. While Jase Robertson and other cast members have lightly touched on the subject and largely dismissed it, some viewers remain suspicious, and a litany of forum posts and Yahoo! Answers questions indicate the fan base isn't entirely convinced of the show's authenticity.

Our source, photographed here in 2007, worked on Duck Dynasty for two years and learned intricate details of how the show was produced.
Our source (right), pictured in 2007


Is Duck Dynasty fake?


DuckDynastyFake.com has been able to obtain exlusive testimony that will put the question of the show's authenticity to rest (please learn more about us below, and our association with the Web Fraud Squad and sign our guestbook here).

We were contacted in June, 2013 by a former production assistant who worked on the show during Seasons 2 and 3. His name and identity will remain anonymous at this time, for legal reasons and his protection. However, we conducted an extensive background check and vetted his information thoroughly; not only is he who he says he is, he has provided us with evidence of his lengthy involvement with Duck Dynasty.

During his tenure on the show, he witnessed numerous events that led him to believe not only was the show scripted, some of the characters were being given "acting lessons", cue cards were being used, microphones were being used to transmit scripted material to the cast, and events were simply being staged by a "team of writers on the set".

What he has to say is explosive, and will forever cast doubt upon Duck Dynasty's legitimacy.

On Duck Dynasty every scene is staged and scripted


The following is an excerpt from a live, in-person interview we conducted with our source on June 18th, 2013, at an undisclosed location near Dallas, TX:

DuckDynastyFake.com (DDF):

Thank you for taking the time to speak with us in person. Can you give us your name, background or any other information?

Production assistant (PA):

I can't give my name or I'll be sued. I've signed non-disclosure agreements. I have to be careful, but I can describe more of my background in television.


Tell us more about that. When did you start in television? How much experience do you have? Judging by your gray hair, we would guess a lot.


(Laughs) Yes, indeed, I do have a lot of gray hair, and do I have a lot of experience. I've worked in Hollywood for over 30 years. I've worked as a grip, production assistant, producer, director, even make-up artist at one time. I've done it all, and I've worked on all the big shows.

The women of Duck Dynasty


What is it about Duck Dynasty that bothers you? What do you want people to know?


The fact that it's an absolute farce. It pisses me off, how the media has taken this show and glamorized it without doing the least bit of due diligence. We had to feed some of the family lines through microphones, and we even used cue cards. Some of the family members are naturally funny, but most of them aren't, and some are nervous in front of the camera, so they need extra help.


What exactly goes on behind the scenes?


The version of the Robertson family you see on TV is nothing like I saw. They're crude. The women are divas. They need ten assistants each just to get their pants on in the morning. They have a lot of extra staff to run the business that you never see on TV. They have a corporate headquarters in Baton Rouge they don't ever show. It's a sham.

Duck Dynasty Robertson family maligned by former production staff


They've admitted some of the scenes are scripted. Isn't that enough?


A&E pulls out all the stops to make it presentable for television. It's not just some of the scenes, it's all of the scenes. It's everything. Ok? Everything. Robertson this, Robertson that. Who cares? Most of them are idiots, a few seem to be illiterate, based on what I observed, and a few others are just, plain divas. They're awful to work with. They're all hot air.

Our source who worked closely with Duck Dynasty cast members on Seasons 2 and 3
Our source, pictured in 2013


How much money are they all making?


Oh it's millions a month. I'm not exaggerating. It's millions every month, between the business and the TV show. The product sales this upcoming holiday season is going to be huge for them. You're going to see Wal-Mart roll out a ton of product tie-ins.


Do you think they are really Christians like they claim?


I'm not even going to go there. Use your own discernment.


The rest of our interview will be posted here in April. Our source has asked us to only post the above snippet along with the quotes he has provided.

In the meantime, please read below to learn more about who we are.

About Us 


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